Pic of Robert Pattinson in Premiere Mag untagged   10 comments

So I’m supposed to be getting ready for brunch right now… instead I spent the last 2 hours untagging this pic ;). I’ll touch it up more later, someone also sent me the HQ mag scan so I guess I’ll do that one. Yeah I think I’m a masochist or something…

Premiere - untagged - 2

Posted October 10, 2009 by justfp in Photoshoots, Robert Pattinson

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10 responses to “Pic of Robert Pattinson in Premiere Mag untagged

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  1. Great Job!! Thanks 🙂

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  3. daym! ur rily good at this 1!!! 🙂

  4. finally! I’ve been waiting so long for this “shoot with bat”. thank you for posting it!!!

  5. I still need to touch it up some. I’m late for brunch though. Will do it when I get back.

  6. Great job! You’re a masochist – but also a lion, right?

  7. PERFECT!!! rob is so perfect! but
    I think the shirt is photoshopped , look at the the Bat’s left wing Am I correct?

  8. You are awesome P. Thank you. You feed my addiction.

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