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Article: The Post-Twilight Acting Future of Robert Pattinson   3 comments

Another great article by Larson Hill


Given the increasing Twilight buzz surrounding New Moon star Robert Pattinson, it should come as no surprise to any Twilight Saga fan of Pattinson that the Twilight lead doesn’t know how long he wants to be an actor. In a recent Twilight Pattinson interview with Seventeen Magazine (via MTV), that’s exactly what Robert Pattinson revealed, stating, “I don’t even know if I want to be an actor that long.” Also, in relation to future movies beyond Twilight, New Moon, and the Twilight Saga in general, Pattinson admitted, “… if I start doing lame work, I’m not going to stick around and do it!” Interestingly, Robert Pattinson also revealed in the Twilight and New Moon related interview that he felt uncertain about his image from Twilight and that also being on the Twilight soundtrack at the same time made him looked ridiculous.

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LostImortal’s vids and her Youtube account   12 comments

LostImortal’s Youtube account was deleted by Youtube a few days ago. Wondering who LostImortal is? She makes some of the best Rob vids like the ones below. She also posted the How to Be casting vids.  I suggest you subscribe on Youtube. You can subscribe to her new account here.  Here are a few of her vids. I’m glad she made a new account and started re-uploading her vids.

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Article: The Truth About Robert Pattinson?   21 comments

I  thought this was a pretty good article about NOT believing everything you read about Rob. ~Christy


The Twilight Truth About Robert Pattinson?
by Larson Hill

Given the frenzied popularity of the Twilight Saga and Twilight star Robert Pattinson leading up to New Moon and the increasing amount of Pattinson related stories, have you ever stopped to wonder whether the stories about Robert Pattinson are true? With so many stories about Robert Pattinson, the lead in both Twilight and New Moon plus the upcoming Twilight Saga Eclipse, do you really think everything you read about Robert Pattinson is true?

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Better quality scans of the cards in the New Moon boardgame   1 comment

Here are better scans of the cards in the New Moon boardgame


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HQ Scan of Robert Pattinson in Joepie Magazine – Belgium   4 comments

Here’s the HQ scan of Robert Pattinson in Joepie Magazine. I’ll be enhancing it to make it look a bit better.


Source: RP Australia via ROBsessedblog

New Moon Special in People Magazine – Full HQ Scans – 68 pages   5 comments

Here are the full HQ scans of the Special New Moon Edition in People Magazine.


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