Robert Pattinson Wins the Richard Attenborough Film Star of the Year Award   8 comments

Announced today: Robert Pattinson won the Richard Attenborough Film Star of the Year award

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Posted February 2, 2012 by Sparks in Breaking Dawn, Robert Pattinson

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8 responses to “Robert Pattinson Wins the Richard Attenborough Film Star of the Year Award

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  1. okay at the risk of sounding like an ingrate what the hell?! for Breaking dawn?! this is an RICHARD ATTENBROUGH award and Rob gets it for Breaking Dawn?! and not for Water For Elephants or for Bel Ami or for Little Ashes so I guess they think that Rob’s acting career is a joke so they give him the award for Breaking Dawn instead of something serious maybe it’s just me and I will accept that but if they want to give him something like this make it something serious like Bel Ami or Little Ashes or Water For Elephants or Remember Me and I want to make itc crystal clear that I do take his acting career VERY seriously and his acting skills I love and respect all the way but again to give him an award like this it should be for something a little more serioulsy not Breaking Dawn

    • I just check back in – just in case and WOW what a wonderful sisrrupe. This is like getting Christmas early, only way better. The closing of this site actually took some of the joy from being a Rob fan. I am so happy!!! Welcome back!!!

  2. I agree with you… * sigh *

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  4. Although I agree with you above, I question who votes on this. Is it the film industry or the UK people?? Is it like People’s Choice then it makes sense to give it to him for Breaking Dawn. His action.g in his other films show his broad ability and appeal so future adwards will be based on them. A year from now when Cosmopolis is out and Belle Amie as well, they will see more of his talent. He was great in Water for Elephants, Remember Me and Little Ashes but if the Twilight fans voted then it is apparent that the perspective is limited to BD alone. But he is a big star despite anything he may be in past, present and future.

  5. It clearly States above that it is the UK public that votes so Breaking Dawn brought in the numbers.

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  7. AWARDS– Get in line. Rob will need a special room to house them all.

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