*scans* The Herald Scotland interview with Rob about Bel Ami (images used are wallpapers made by @DreamySim1!)   9 comments

We posted the article with the great interview here, but here are the scans of the Herald Scotland and we noticed something: Both big images were taken from wallpapers made by me: @DreamySim1:

Here is the wallpaper used for the intro, posted before HERE:

And here is the second wallpaper they used, posted before HERE:

Guess I’m kinda flattered they used them but on my site I explicitly stated to not use it for commercial uses since it’s just fan art, I don’t make any money with them, I just love making them…. guess Herald Scotland didn’t see that 😉

ETA: Scans of the interview thanks to Larise via Robstenation | via

9 responses to “*scans* The Herald Scotland interview with Rob about Bel Ami (images used are wallpapers made by @DreamySim1!)

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  1. Нет у людей ни стыда ни совести!!!

    DreamySim1, обои чудесные! Спасибо!

  2. That was my first thought DS. Hey that is the wallpaper I am using right now. I thought wow….DS has some serious connections. 🙂 It does show that there are many lurkers round here doesn’t it?

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  4. This is kind of amazing Sim! Too bad they didn’t credit you though

  5. The wallpapers are brilliant. Your work is outstanding and I agree you should have been credited.

  6. This is probably a very American thing to say but is that legal? Can people just take what you produced and use it without giving you at least credit? I’m thinking some cash.
    I do understand that you are proud, should be proud cause you do great work but to me just seems wrong that anyone can grab your work and use it.

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