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Here’s the weekly round-up of pics and quotes of the day that we post on our Tumblr.

“Once you make it big, then you also have a large number of people who hate you. When I googled myself before “Twilight”, every comment was positive. But once your picture shows up everywhere, then that drives some people crazy. Fortunately, there is also an army of fans who defend me. This is almost like a sports team.” Robert Pattinson (Welt Online Germany – 2011)

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“I do not know. It’s funny because I’m a little anti-sagas, I like to support small projects. Although perhaps a bit unfortunate to say, I think these tapes if I would like because they have something different and strange. Although I am not sure I understand why everyone goes crazy for them.” Robert Pattinson (if he’d be a fan of the Twilight movies – Tu Magazine 2011)

Yes, with the director of ‘A Prophet’, Jacques Audiard. I also wanted to meet Daniel Auteuil one day, he was stunning in the movie Le Deuxième Souffle (A movie by Alain Corneau). Of course, for that, I’d need to improve my French, and since you probably learn grammar, you can imagine how difficult it would be for an Englishman like me.” Robert Pattinson (if he’d like to work in France – Le Figaro 2011)

“If you’re trying to sell a movie or a project to a studio and you imply for one second that you’re an artist, you’re out the door.” Robert Pattinson (Entertainment Weekly 2011)

“From 13 to 16, ambition was consuming me, but I was pretty lazy. A typical teenager. At 17, I calmed down and I started to do my.. homework again. At this time, I read Bel Ami by Maupassant, and I found this novel very well written and really funny. When I learned, years later, that a filmmaker named Declam Donnellan was planning to shoot the movie, I raised my finger to say “Hey, oh! I’m here, so think about me a little, guys”  Robert Pattinson (Le Figaro – 2011)

“If I give someone my number, and the person did not call back. Then I can trust that person. And the one who’s calling me the next day, I never want to talk to anymore! (bursts into laughter)” Robert Pattinson (about who to trust – Welt Online Germany 2011)

“I found [Bear] in Baton Rouge, 2 days before we left, since then [he] accompanies me everywhere. [He has] been in more places than the average person. He has lived in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, New York and Arizona.” Robert Pattinson (Tu Magazine 2011

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  1. I cant believe that so many people turned against Rob when Twilight became such a hit! I think he deserved a break and got one, and as long as he is prepared to do the graft, he deserves to have the rewards!! Good luck to you Robert I say!!

  2. Thank you for everything you’ve posted ToR girls, have a good week !

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