UK: Bel Ami preview screening 7 March at 8.40pm – London Intro by directors   4 comments

The preview screening on 7 March at 8.40pm in London will be introduced by directors Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod


Wed 7 Mar 8.40pm | book online
Fri 16 Mar 3.00pm | book online, 8.40pm | book online
Sat 17 Mar 4.30pm | book online, 8.40pm | book online
Sun 18 Mar 4.15pm | book online
Mon 19 Mar 6.15pm | book online
Tue 20 Mar 8.40pm | book online
Wed 21 Mar 3.00pm | book online, 6.15pm | book online
Thu 22 Mar 3.00pm | book online, 6.15pm | book online
Sat 24 Mar 2.00pm | book online, 4.30pm | book online
Sun 25 Mar 8.30pm | book online
Mon 26 Mar 6.15pm | book online
Wed 28 Mar 6.15pm | book online
Thu 29 Mar 3.00pm | book online

Event’s details


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d Nick Ormerod

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