*SCAN* Robert Pattinson’s interview in ‘Il Mattino’ – Italy   Leave a comment

Here’s a scan of Rob’s interview in Il Mattino


Q: Bel Ami describes a society not unlike the present one, a world where sex is power and celebrity obsession.
R: One thing that struck me about the script and the novel from which it was derived is this, its extraordinary actuality

Q: Who is Georges Duroy today then, a today’s world boy?
R: (He is) A boy of today and yesterday, one of the many men without conscience across the world. He has no ambitions, but he thinks that everything is due to him. And if someone does not approve, the most incredible energy explodes into him and transforms him into a demonic being

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Q: After the vampires, the devil?
R: This is a seriously bad character. Edward Cullen is a gentleman, quite the opposite

Q:you wanted to prove that you can play any role?
R:I did not think about it when when I say yes to Bel Ami. I had not realized the enormous difference that existed between the two. Or rather, I had not really compared them. My main interest has been the story so interesting and full of passion. It ‘was exhausting for me to play Georges

Q: This is a indie movie. Will you miss the hordes of Twilight fans.?
R:I never understood them, I have always wondered how could there be so much chaos around us. Fans watching me and I watched them, studied them. I remember the Olimpic Stadium in Monaco, we were in front of 30,000 people for a ten-minute press conference. The most ridiculous thing I’ve ever lived and even strange to accept. If you start
thinking that they are there for you, and you convince yourself to be truly great, you deserve this attention, you go mad for sure.

Q Becoming rich and famous was your ambition?
R:As a kid I wanted to play piano in a restaurant in the South of France. I was there and I had seen a man in a tuxedo playing the piano, relaxed, with a glass of whiskey on the piano, and that had seemed to me the greatest thing in the world. So yes, that happened to me is not exactly what I had planned.

Q: In Bel Ami, you play a seducer, and in life, both for your face, and for your success, you will have no difficulty with women. Happy or frightened by their attentions to you?
R: I should be afraid of women to be scared, but it is not my case.

Q: After Bel Ami, will opens in theaters Cronemberg’s Cosmopolis.
R:I thought I’d never worked with a director of that level. Often the fame does not help. Instead he called me. I told him I’d taken a week to read the script and decide. And meanwhile I was trying to find a way to tell him that I was not fit for the role, I did not understand the script and I would not have accepted the part. The only way would be to call him and tell him that I did not take the role because I was a loser, I did not want to be a loser. And I said yes to it.

Q: Is It true that during the filming you have taken a little dog?
R: I found it in Baton Rouge and I’ve held it, I wanted a friend who could not speak


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