Bel Ami in Netherlands – Release Date & Screening Information

Bel Ami is set to release on April 5 in the Netherlands. It will be shown only  in Amsterdam – Pathé Cinema. (Only one copy available)

The first screening is at 11:15 am

More info after the jump!

We reported about it earlier HERE, but we now have confirmation of the following theaters showing Bel Ami. There are not many though: if you know of more we’d love to hear.

Kijkhuis Leiden: click HERE or the image to get tickets:


Gigant Apeldoorn: Click HERE or the image to get tickets:

Lantaarn Rotterdam: Click HERE or the image to get tickets:

*UPDATE* Lux Nijmegen: CLICK HERE for tickets:

Source | and thnx to IF NL for sending us the info of the other theaters

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