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Since Bel Ami is premiering tomorrow in the Netherlands there are some reviews coming out. Here’s a great one from Nu.nl. We just translated the few parts that mention Rob, read the entire review (in Dutch) HERE:

One thing is certain: Robert Pattinson, the teen idol that got famous by his part as romantic vampire in the Twilight Saga, is getting a lot more ‘action’ in his latest movie.

Good casting

Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod tell the story [of Bel Ami] in a solid way and have a great cast at their disposal. They’re not using it all to their full capacity, are somewhat too explanatory and have a bit much music, but for the rest there’s nothing really wrong with what they did.

And Pattinson is a good casting for the part of Duroy. He’s a pretty guy, we knew that already, but in Bel Ami he proves that he’s really capable of acting. Charme, sneaky, lust for power and resentment, all combined in one persona: Pattinson makes Bel Ami to be an intriguing presonage.

Bel Ami will be in these theaters in the Netherlands: CLICK HERE


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