Full Pic – Robert Pattinson in Joepie Magazine – Belgium   20 comments

Here is the complete pic pieced together by Maria. Thank you so much babe! I made a retouched one too as well as a black & white and sepia version. Enjoy!


Retouched versions after the jump!

20 responses to “Full Pic – Robert Pattinson in Joepie Magazine – Belgium

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  2. Lost the ability to speak….feeling giddy….WOW!!

  3. I so wantt to lick that exposed patch of skin.

  4. oh dear. like the little hint of skin just above the beltline!

  5. Elle’s Obituary:
    She lived a long 21 years. She lived laughed & loved beer. Then this picture came out & she combusted. :pours wine: R.I.P Elle

  6. DAYUM! IS there no ending in sight? I litrally can’t breathe right now…

  7. Oh dear God, you have out done yourself yet again. Seriously. Why? No, forget that. Thank You!! haha

  8. OK, now you’re trying to kill me!

  9. I just love (thinking of rob site)! your the bestest!!

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  11. Sweet Jesus could he be any hotter????

  12. omfg. the hip bone. the hip bone. WTFUCKMENOW! *bangs head on floor*

  13. Belgium is the best ❤

  14. The sight of his skin…is just killing me..why do you have to be soooo fregging hot Rob??…and then you wil say,you don´t understand why girls are so crazy for you man!!!

  15. Oh Robert Pattinson, you totally delicious, hot, sexy, adorable, luscious, sweet, sexy gorgeous thing you!!

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